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XIAOMI 11 Lite 5g NE x Anastasia Pilepchuk


Style is not something that others dictate to us.

It's our creativity.

It's how we create ourselves.

By experimenting, by choosing closet details, accessories and smartphone, we create our own image.

That is how Anastasia Pilepchuk, an artist who works at the intersection of high fashion and contemporary art, creates her masks - art objects that are in demand by both the world's celebrities and the best art galleries.

The Xiaomi and Anastasia collaboration presents 6 masks inspired by the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE smartphone - 6 art objects that tell the story of the inspiration of technological design and fashion.

We also participated in the collaboration and created AR versions of the masks for Facebook and Instagram, posted on the brand accounts.

Client: Xiaomi

Agency: APE

Production: Antimotion

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