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B2 feat. Oxxxymiron / Lyric Mapping /

Projection Mapping / Show
2nd prize Art Vision Classic 2018

During the ART VISION Classic Competition, being a part of the Circle of Light Festival, Bi-2 (B-dva) Russian rock band made a video clip on Teatralnaya Square.

Antimotion team is one of five finalists of the competition created the video mapping show on the facades of three theatres and used as a sound the famous Bi-2’s song “Time to Return Home” (rus:"Пора возвращаться домой /Pora vozvrashyatsa domoy”) feat. the rapper Oxxxymiron who has also lived abroad for a long time, deal with an immigrant's desire to return home to a house which is still vivid in one's mind even if it may have been razed to the ground in the meantime. Everything will not be able to sooth the melancholy lump in the throat that's longing for home. And while said home may not be the best place, sometimes the heart triumphs over reason and hearing one's native tongue just feels more real.

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