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B2Time to go home (feat.Oxxxymiron) /Lyric Mapping/

2nd Prize Art Vision Classic 2018

During the ART VISION Classic Competition, being a part of the Circle of Light Festival, Bi-2 (B-dva) Russian rock band made a video clip on Teatralnaya Square.  

Antimotion team is one of five finalists of the competition created the video mapping show on the facades of three theaters and used as a sound the famous Bi-2's song “Time to Return Home” (eng:"Time to Return Home /Pora vozvrashyatsa domoy" ) feat. the rapper Oxxxymiron who has also lived abroad for a long time, deal with an immigrant's desire to return home to a house which is still vivid in one's mind even if it may have been razed to the ground in the meantime._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Everything will not be able to sooth the melancholy lump in the throat that's longing for home. .

Video: Bi-2

Photo: Ralph Larmann

Full video from event without cuts.

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