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Hi. We are — Antimotion. Multimedia-design studio based in Moscow, Russia. 

We create multimedia design on events, full-cg commercials, stage design, product presentations, 3D mapping and original experimental projects. 

Our clients.

Brands that trust us with their products and events.

3D Mapping

With the technology of projecting video content onto different surfaces, whether it is buildings, museums’ roofs or specially constructed stage sets, we can create an illusion of animation, additional space or transformation of the whole projected object for the audience. This is a popular genre of the show that is constantly being developed and taking new forms.

Stage design 

Musical shows are our passion. We can make visual rock-and-roll at any concert or play, even if it is a fairytale for children or a concert of a pop-diva.


We can help prepare and present any product to a wide audience.


We make a graphic advertising for TV or the Internet.

Experimental cases

We adore strange clients. Do you want an interactive projection at a big party for adults? Just call us.


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